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Hey, whats up?! I'm Jon, an award-winning pit master. My home is behind the BBQ, and that "going home" feeling is what I want to give you when you serve my menu at yours.

I've been experimenting with flavors and menu variations since waist-high next to my grandmother. She was the first great cook to show me just what went into making memorable meals, and it was her guidance that taught me that food needs flavor, variation and soulful inspiration.

That's what brought me to BBQ. It allows me to get going with the smoker, and let time do its trick while I prep and focus on side items that will match the flavors of the pork, poultry or seafood I've selected.

BBQ is slow, as it should be. Great food, like relationships, takes time and patience and a bit of creative spice! And, that's what has made my meals fan favorites, be it lazy Sunday dinners or kicked back patio parties. And, BBQ isn't just summer fare. There's nothing better than a good dry rub on pork ribs with steamy mac-n-cheese, and a side of spicy mustard beans spread out at the tailgate.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what's hot off the grill, at reasonable prices and even better portions. Be sure to check out my menu, ordering options and where I'll be competing next!

It's JonnyBaby. Want ribs? We got 'em baby!


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Give us 48 hours notice and we'll have the grill fired up for you!

Jonnybaby BBQ did a great job catering our event, everyone loved the mac n cheese along with the ribs! Can’t wait to try the fried turkey.
— Jamal B.

Awards + Events

 The word barbecue hails from the Carribean, first described in the 1520’s as “barbacoa” or cooking on a raised wooden gate. Its place in history is as rich as the recipes handed down through the generations, and a pitmaster’s well-guarded secret. Jonnybaby BBQ invites you to the table to share his passion for its complexity and soul.

Jonnybaby BBQ hit the stands on the front page!

Jonnybaby BBQ hit the stands on the front page!

BBq is what we do

Jonnybaby BBQ loves the competition! Working alongside other award-winning pit masters keeps Jon on top of the trends and creative. Wanna know where we’ll be next? Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or email us and we’ll let you know!

award-winning BBQ

3rd Place Rotary Club of North Cobb’s

10th Annual Smoke on the Lake

2018 BBQ Festival Charity Fundraiser


Third place for pork!

Third place for pork!


Perfect for picnics, reunions & Sunday funday!

Want to free up your time to enjoy family and friends? Let Jonnybaby BBQ do all the work. We can feed your family for Sunday dinner or go big and cater your brothers and sisters at your next Greek gathering leaving you free to create great memories together.


We are family!

Getting together for a meal - there’s no better way to relax, conduct business or just catch up. Life is busy; BBQ is not. It’s slow and satisfying, and exactly the recipe for your next event!

The meat was very good and made to perfection. I like it so much I would make a meatloaf sandwich out of it. I highly recommend the meatloaf.
— James W.